Welcome young ones. A bit of history before I send you upon the journey the fates have in store for you….

Long ago, a dying dragon spirit, gave its blessing upon an enchanted world as its legacy to the glorious life it lived. The Burst of Fire it gave touched the enchanted world by breathing the most ultimate magic known to all beings across the universe. Carving out the beauty of the Mountains, giving the unescapable magic of life into the charmed forests where peace between realms existed. For many moons the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves were given a gift of harmony respect and universal love for all of life.

This eve however…you will notice a dark sickness corrupting the lands. The essence of life is being torn away from this realms magical soul. No longer at peace, seemingly divided forever, war tears at the once peaceful realm threatening to destroy all life…magical and regular alike. Corruption runs deep at the roots of the evil that follows.

The Fates of Destiny have chosen you.

You must learn the ways of the realm and harness the skills to forge a proper uprising against the darkness that consumes. Embrace the fear within your hearts. Gather supplies and gold along the way. Master your destiny by being the best you that you can be.

Do you accept the role the fates have given you? Will you be my champion? Can you save the world I blessed with the Burst of Fire?

Welcome to the world I shaped with my gift.

Welcome to Elurian.

New Mystics 11

+Highest Guard+

Pos Mystic
1 Reaper
2 Lord Legolas
3 Lady Harmony
4 Lady Avriel
5 LadySyn

Please mail if you have any questions or concerns, Thank you!